Monday, June 6, 2011

Peacock Volleyball - Dani Gernes with USA Athletes International on European Smash Tour

Follow Dani Gernes as she takes you along for the European Smash Tour with the USA Athletes International volleyball team. 

The European Smash Tour takes place from June 4-13 in the countries of Austria and Italy.  Gernes and her teammates will play five matches over the ten day trip which also includes time in Vienna, the Alps, Venice and Milan.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Back from Witchita

We all had a great time in Witchita, KS. We ended our fall season with one of our best team scores of the fall, so that was exciting and we can carry it over to the spring season. The weather was great all three days we were there! Yesterday morning was a little cold, but it warmed up. We all got to experience playing in a Division One tournment and playing in two-somes. We played in about four hours and that never happens in a college golf tournment. We have now completed our fall season, so we will talk to you in the spring time! Thanks for following us! Have a great winter and stay warm!

Women's Golf Team

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Off to Witchita, KS

Today we (Jill, McKenzie, Katie B, Kelly, and Jackie) are traveling to Witchita Kansas, it will be about a 9 hour drive. It is our last trip of the year. We are going to stop quite a few times I am sure. I know one stop for sure will be at a range to hit balls, chip and putt. Our program is going to be playing in our first Division 1 tournment, so this is exciting for us to be a part of. Well we are off on the road! Talk to you after our practice round, we will let you know how the course looks. Thanks for following us!

Women's Golf Team

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On the road again

Today we finished up our last round in Tulsa and as predicted our team score showed significant improvemtnt. We improved by 5 shots as a team behind a pair of 73s from "the bash brothers", 77 frome Jake, 82 by Jared and rounding out the team was Guyer's 85.

We now find ourselves sitting in the Denver airport trying to waste the next 2 hours before we get on our last plane back to Moline. Hopefully the airline doesn't loose our clubs again!!

"The bash brothers" - Jon and Tuck

Monday, September 20, 2010

Opening Day

Day 1 of play began this morning and after not being able to touch a club for the last two days, we understandably showed some rust.  We were still able to put together a season low team score of 311 behind my 72, Guyer's 79 and rounds of 80 by Tuck, Jake and Jared.  We've got our work cut out for us but everyone left strokes out on the course and if we can manage to shoot a couple shots better a person we can make a respectable comeback.

Tomorrow our tee times begin at 8:40 AM and with a little luck we'll manage to make our flight to Denver at 4:40 PM as we start the journey back to Fayette.

"The Bash Brothers" - Jon and Tuck

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Disaster Averted!!!

After nearly 24 hours and numerous angry phone calls to United Airlines, our most important piece of equipment finally arrived at the hotel!!  Hopefully we can find our game on the driving range before the round and put together a solid team score against a highly competitive field.

"The Bash Brothers" - Jon and Tuck

Golf clubs STILL = MIA!!

Another day in Tulsa and another day without golf clubs.  Today began with the hope of having our clubs brought to us in time to play our late afternoon practice round.  That hope quickly turned to doubt when our 3:40 tee time came and went with still no sign of anyone's sticks. Its now 7:00 PM and we're starting to think of a plan B in the event that we may never see our clubs again!!  We will keep everyone updated, wish us luck.

"The Bash Brothers" - Jon and Tuck

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Golf Clubs = MIA

After a long day that began with a 3 hour drive to Moline, Illinois and a layover in Denver, we finally made it to Tulsa.  As we waited at the baggage claim, we realized our clubs were nowhere to be found.  We were then told to check with the United Airlines lost baggage desk and after a long discussion they came to the conclusion that everyone's golf clubs were STILL sitting at the Denver International Airport!!  Fortunately, we have a late afternoon tee time tomorrow for our practice round and we hope that our equipment arrives on time.  We'll keep you updated on the status of our clubs.

 "The Bash Brothers" - Jon and Tuck 

Friday, September 17, 2010

Tulsa Bound

Welcome to the first blog with the Upper Iowa men's golf team as we travel to Tulsa, Oklahoma to compete in the Northeastern State Golf Classic.  This is Tucker Bayler and Jon Anderson and we will be updating everyone throughout the weekend with tournament news and other exciting adventures along the way.  Joining us for the weekend will be sophomores Jake Nelson and Jared Elsen, along with Junior Thomas Guyer.  Our fearless leader, Chad Markuson, will be coaching us this weekend in Tulsa and we will be departing from Moline airport sometime tomorrow morning.  Stay tuned for further updates!

"The Bash Brothers" - Jon and Tuck

Men's Golf - Blogging This Weekend on the road to Tulsa

Follow Jon Anderson and Tucker Bayler as they take you on the road with the men's golf team.  The Peacocks are traveling to Tulsa, Oklahoma to compete in the Northeastern State Golf Classic.